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If you want to truly take control of your health you need to fully understand the mechanisms behind how your food affects you. If you are suffering with a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes you can only correctly manage your condition if you have a logical understanding to guide you in the right direction. You are your best doctor and you should be educated on the basics behind common conditions especially the leading causes of death like heart disease, cancer and stroke. So many loved ones are being buried way too early and I truly believe that many of these tragedies could have been easily prevented through correct education. Spread the word to your loved ones and empower yourself with a knowledge base that will ensure you make the best decisions for your family’s health. 


Amazing things are possible if you create the right conditions within the body


50% of people with a chronic condition die before the age of 65. They work their entire life for those retirement years and never get there. Even those who do get there spend most of their wealth on medical expenses because of poor health and this is evident especially in the USA where one of the leading reasons for personal bankruptcy is healthcare. 

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Chronic Pitting Oedema Swelling gone in just 25 minutes?

So the other day I blogged about a patient of mine who had a 100% reduction in swelling within a 24 hour period and the photos are there to prove it, but when met this particular patient I am writing about today I was quietly confident about what I could do for her based on my previous results with the Deep Oscillation. I checked out the swelling and it was definitely chronic pitting oedema with noticeable indents after applying finger pressure lasting a good 10 seconds and longer before disappearing. The ankle was fractured 10 months ago and although the fracture has been confirmed as completely healed via x-ray she has been suffering with swelling ever since.

She has had some manual lymph drainage and other manual techniques which did slightly reduce the swelling although only for a short while. I got to work using the very same protocol as per my previous blog and the patient was lying supine (on her back) and could not see what I could see.

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Deep Oscillation: The fastest way to reduce swelling?


In all the time I have been practicing I have never seen a result quite like this one I'm going to share with you. I had recently started using a new device called Deep Oscillation and my good friend Debbie approached me at our weekly BNI meeting and showed me her hand- it was very swollen and her fingers were so big she couldn't get her rings off. She had fallen and used her arm to break the fall but her wrist must have hyper-extended or flexed and she says it happened too quickly for her too accurately recall- nevertherless I decided to try the Deep Oscillation protocol for Oedema.

The protocol is 25min long and within the first 10 minutes of performing the therapy the results were already noticeable! I took a before picture where you can clearly see the tapering of her fingers where the rings are worn!

She then sent me a photo the next morning and wow look at this! I even left the message there for you to read- patients love this device.

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Chiropractic explained

This article with discuss the basics of what you need to understand about chiropractic and how the treatment yields results.

So, the human spine consists of 24 movable bony segments called vertebra.

Each vertebra has a set of joints, two on the top and two on the bottom which join to the vertebra above and below. It is these joints which provide the ability to move in various directions.

Between all but 1 of these vertebra there are cushions know as intervertebral disks. These disks are composed of a jelly-like substance which is inside a tough coat.

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Can Chiropractic help your Weight Loss?

Chiropractic can have a huge impact on reaching fitness goals as well as preventing injuries during training. However there is no magic way to lose fat and get in shape, it is a process that requires discipline and motivation.

If there is a joint misalignment in the body and exercise is performed the stress placed on that joint creates unnecessary wear and tear and promotes injury. Injuries and pain can hamper progress because exercise cannot be performed or is avoided and in some cases the injury caused by the misalignment could be more severe requiring surgery.

It is easier to prevent injuries by keeping the alignment correct therefore balancing the stress on the joints during exercise and this is what chiropractic does. Remember that the purpose of exercise is to get the heart rate up and to put stress on the muscles causing healthy microtears. The body then uses energy to repair the muscles in order to make them stronger for the next workout and additional fat burning is achieved in this way. If pain/injury is the reason for half completed workouts or missed training sessions then it’s obvious that the goal will take much longer to achieve. It is important to note how much of an impact pain can have on keeping motivated during a body transformation.


Not only can chiropractic assist by removing many of the unknown factors that cause injuries, but injuries can be treated in a way to ensure that the training sessions that are lost are minimal and also strategic in order to aid the recovery. If your body is functioning optimally it will allow for more consistent intense training, less pain during the process and better results.

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