Chronic Pitting Oedema Swelling gone in just 25 minutes?

So the other day I blogged about a patient of mine who had a 100% reduction in swelling within a 24 hour period and the photos are there to prove it, but when met this particular patient I am writing about today I was quietly confident about what I could do for her based on my previous results with the Deep Oscillation. I checked out the swelling and it was definitely chronic pitting oedema with noticeable indents after applying finger pressure lasting a good 10 seconds and longer before disappearing. The ankle was fractured 10 months ago and although the fracture has been confirmed as completely healed via x-ray she has been suffering with swelling ever since.

She has had some manual lymph drainage and other manual techniques which did slightly reduce the swelling although only for a short while. I got to work using the very same protocol as per my previous blog and the patient was lying supine (on her back) and could not see what I could see.

The swelling literally starting coming down after about 5min of Deep Oscillation and by the end of the treatment her ankle was completely transformed. When she saw it she was shocked and the term “Miracle Worker” was thrown about but I assured her it was just the Deep Oscillation. Have a look at the before/after picture and ask yourself if any other device could reduce swelling in this manner in just 25minutes. I literally took a photo immediate after she sat down following the 25 minute protocol.

This device can change people’s lives and while I cannot yet comment on the sustainability of this particular patient’s results as I need to follow up, I can say that I have NEVER seen a result this dramatic in such a short space of time.

 Will keep you posted, to check out more about the Deep Oscillation click HERE.