Deep Oscillation: The fastest way to reduce swelling?


In all the time I have been practicing I have never seen a result quite like this one I'm going to share with you. I had recently started using a new device called Deep Oscillation and my good friend Debbie approached me at our weekly BNI meeting and showed me her hand- it was very swollen and her fingers were so big she couldn't get her rings off. She had fallen and used her arm to break the fall but her wrist must have hyper-extended or flexed and she says it happened too quickly for her too accurately recall- nevertherless I decided to try the Deep Oscillation protocol for Oedema.

The protocol is 25min long and within the first 10 minutes of performing the therapy the results were already noticeable! I took a before picture where you can clearly see the tapering of her fingers where the rings are worn!

She then sent me a photo the next morning and wow look at this! I even left the message there for you to read- patients love this device.

For more info on Deep Oscillation check this link: