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About Dr Paul Palmer

Dr. Paul Palmer is a registered Chiropractor and Plant-based nutrition expert. He works as a Plant-based Nutrition Consultant and a Musculoskeletal OH Specialist focused on reducing absenteesim and improving productivity. 

He completed his master's dissertation on the effects that chiropractic treatment has on the serving performance of tennis players and has a passion for sports performance and for preventive treatment. After qualifying he opened a practice in Johannesburg before moving down to Durban where he joined Musgrave Chiropractic Clinic where he practiced for 3 years before moving back in late 2015. While in Durban he served as the league chiropractor for a local touch rugby and hockey league for 2 years. 

He has run a plant based nutrition program that helped patients reverse diabetes type 2, lower cholesterol, lose weight and address body acidity issues. He currently works in the employee wellness industry and has been involved in developing clinical services to address business problems like fatigue. He holds the health and nutrition portfolio for the South African Vegan Society and is one of the leading advocates for a plant based diet in SA.  

With 5 years of corporate experience and 8 years in private practice, Dr Paul adopts an objective and conservative approach to treating patients and specialises in exercise prescription, dry needling, full body manipulation, deep oscillation therapy and plant-based nutrition. He strives to educate patients about the importance of a healthy lifestyle incorporating chiropractic, evidence based nutrition and exercise.